Which glass repair company can you turn to in confidence that they’ll have glass available that’s cut to the size you need, or who can custom cut glass for unusually shaped apertures? Australian Specialised Machinery Glass!

Many of our customers are finding they need more than just standard glass in their machines. Whether it is heat and glare reduction, noise reduction and / or hi-impact resistance, we are happy to work with our customers to find out what performance factors they require from the glass in their machines to meet their objectives.

ASMG holds an enormous inventory of differently sized and shaped glass screens and panels. From windscreens to glass panels, we’ve got the right glass in stock, ready to fit when you need it. 

We also hold the knowledge and capability to custom cut glass for any windscreen or glass solution.

Not only do we have a large inventory of glass readily available, we also offer a mobile service! We recognise that heavy machinery is often difficult to transport off-site. That’s why we come to you, with everything necessary to complete the glass repair or replacement that you need!

ASMG is constantly working on glass improvement in machinery fleets across many sites. We even supply a superior impact glass which has been highly successful in reducing machinery down time as well as costs involved with continual replacement.



Australian Specialised Machinery Glass are able to provide glazing solutions for machinery in consultation with manufacturers for all types of applications.

At ASMG, we are proud to hold accreditations from the Australian and Global Standards and take great pride in being able to offer safe fit-for-purpose glass products on time and within your budget. Fit-for-purpose glass is designed to improve the performance of a vehicle, so whether it’s noise reduction, heat and / or glare reduction, or hi-impact resistance, our specialist teams can deliver the results you’re looking for. We have experience in a wide range of fields, including the gas, manufacturing, marine, mining, oil and rail industries. Our complete range of glass solutions includes:

  • Defence force armour plates, bulletproof and ballistic glass
  • The manufacture of crane cabin framing glass that is hi-impact, heat, wind and fire-resistant
  • Marine / high-wind resistant glass
  • Oil, gas, cyclone and high-wind resistant glass
  • Rail pressure glass, suitable for high-speed trains


At Australian Specialised Machinery Glass, we understand there are times when standard just won’t do. Each piece of machinery has its own set of glass requirements to guarantee your safety and to operate at maximum performance. For this reason, we never sacrifice on quality or issue less effective products to acquire more customers. 

ASMG offer premium solutions and expert advice to all customers, irrespective of what heavy machinery they operate, with access to thousands of high-quality glass products to service all makes and models. We have over 20+ years of experience working with glass in all its forms, plus we have our own testing facility so we know everything we supply meets our exacting standards, as well as Australian Safety Standards.

We love the challenge of completing a custom job, and nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers smile when they inspect our work. We take time, care and patience to understand exactly what you need, and apply our skills to ensure we meet your expectations.

Our skills and experience mean we can supply and fit custom glass for ANY vehicle!


When standard vehicle glass isn’t enough, why not opt for a windscreen repair and replacement using one of our specialist, custom glass options? Depending on your requirements, we can provide glass that’s resistant to heat, pressure, wind, noise, or is toughened to provide additional protection against high-impact events.

Just let us know a little about the challenges your vehicle faces, and we can come up with a suitable option.

If your heavy-duty vehicle is tested by extreme conditions on a regular basis, it’s important to prepare your motor for the challenges it’s going to face.

We are specialists in custom windscreen glass repairs and replacements, and we can fit your vehicle out with a range of specialist glass options designed to protect you and your vehicle in extreme weather, tough terrain, and dangerous conditions.

Protect yourself and your vehicle from noise, heat, debris, pressure, and impacts and keep your fleet safe no matter what conditions they’re up against.