As well as offering repairs for domestic trucks and domestic vehicles, we offer glass repair for mining and transport industries. Our experts at Australian Specialised Machinery Glass are dedicated to keeping up with developing trends across a range of industries to ensure we offer the best in windscreen repair technologies. As such, we are able to provide windscreen solutions robust enough to withstand strong impacts , a vital glass property in mining, transport and other industries alike.

At Australian Specialised Machinery Glass, we specialise in understanding a vast range of different machine types and requirements. Every glazer on our team is trained and equipped with the tools needed to carry out glazing repairs and replacements as quickly and effectively as possible. 

We work with countless manufacturers to ensure the highest standard of service.

Whether you need a mobile glazer for one piece of machinery or you have plans to replace glazing across a fleet of machines, our team is equipped to handle any challenge. We carry out our work to the highest possible standards and work with you to ensure as little disruption to your workflow as possible. For long-lasting, high-quality mobile glazing, we’re the best choice for glass replacement!

Need custom glass for your heavy machinery? We do that too! Check out our Specialised Services.

We are innovators in the Glazing industry, able to provide glazing solutions for machinery in consultation with manufacturers for all types of applications.

With years of experience working on heavy machinery and industrial vehicles, our team of friendly, knowledgeable experts can get the job done right.

We hold extensive information and continuously update our records and template catalogue so that we are able to supply quotes for glass in machines without prior inspection!


As a specialist mobile glazing service in Townsville, our team at Australian Specialised Machinery Glass provides high-quality, on-site glass repair and replacement for a wide range of different machinery. With advanced knowledge of many different makes and common models, we’re able to offer a quick and convenient glass replacement service to get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

We aim to operate within a 1-3 day timescale at a location near you, however, our ultimate goal is to be out to you on the day of your call to avoid disruption and get you back on-track with minimal fuss!

The team at Australian Specialised Machinery Glass provide fast, high-grade repairs and replacements that are suitable for almost any vehicle. From heavy machinery through to trucks, excavators, agricultural machines and more, when you need a high-grade, reliable glass repair, we’re the experts to call.

Give us a call to get us out to your site!


We understand that time is money when it comes to larger pieces of machinery. With this in mind, we usually have the glass in stock to successfully complete your windscreen or glass repair / replacement the same day that you request assistance.

We have a large selection of glass that’s already cut to the right dimensions to fit many machinery windows or windscreens. We can also custom cut glass to suit the specific dimensions of your vehicle if necessary.

Our customers require their machinery working – not waiting for parts or service.
We are committed to providing a fast, accessible and fairly priced service!


If you’re concerned about the glass fracturing again, or decide that extra protection is required due to the challenging conditions you’re operating in, we can help! We offer a range of different glass options that are specifically designed to cope with extreme environments.

Exceeding Australian safety standards by 300%, Fortress Glass™ is available in widths between 8.25mm to 25mm. Recommended for mining machinery, it’s also suitable for machinery involved in quarrying, agriculture, civil engineering and construction.

Fortress Glass™ is heat-strengthened, and consists of multiple layers of glass, sandwiched together with PVB resin. The result is glass that’s possesses excellent impact resistance, helping to safeguard your workforce in conditions where the risk of falling rocks, soil, or other hazardous materials is significant.

If required, we can also create custom glazing solutions for machinery that needs to be protected against a specific hazard! Get in touch to discuss your needs, and we’ll do our best to help.


As a preferred windscreen repairer and supplier for many insurance companies, Australian Specialised Machinery Glass can work with you and the insurer to have your windscreen fixed or replaced, getting you back on the road safely and as quickly as possible, saving you time and money!

If you have comprehensive vehicle insurance, we can help walk you through the insurance process. Depending on the nominated excess of your insurance premium, you may be covered for the entire cost of the windscreen repair or replacement.

Servicing all surrounding mine sites, contractors as well as our local community for their insurance and fleet requirements.