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The harsh conditions in Australia test the durability and fitness for work of the toughest of work vehicles. Sun, wind and noise are just some of the things glass has to cope with in outdoor environments.

As experts in producing specialised machinery glass, we have developed products fit for any purpose.
  • Windscreen Repair, Body Glass Replacements and Mobile Windscreen Replacement for all light vehicles, trucks and machinery.
  • Servicing all surrounding mine sites, contractors as well as our local community for their insurance and fleet requirements.
  • If you're looking for emergency mobile windscreen replacement or repairs, we’ve got you covered! Whatever the damage we can fix it.
  • We service Townsville, Moranbah, Mackay and Blackwater areas.
  • Our services include: Mobile Windscreen Replacement, Mobile Glazing, Customised Glass Solutions, Fortress Glass and Windscreen Repair.

Mobile Glazing - Windscreen Replacement in Mount Louisa, QLD
Auto Glass Repair Australian Specialised Machinery Glass specialises in on-site glass replacement in all makes and models. Drill
Customized Glass Solutions - Windscreen Replacement in Mount Louisa, QLD
Specialised Glass Solutions Our Project Management and Special Projects Team are committed to providing safe and innovative Fit-For-Purpose
Windscreen Repair - Windscreen Replacement in Mount Louisa, QLD
Mobile Windscreen Repair Near You Are You Looking For Windscreen Repair Near You? We Offer Windscreen and Body

Major Projects


Australian Specialised Machinery Glass is able to engage with Project Managers and Engineers in the planning, design and delivery of Specialised Glazing products to meet our Client’s individual needs.
You will receive either a 'Ring-Back' or 'Text-Back' to let you know
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Emergency Glass Repair Townsville


A lifetime of unrivalled experience from working directly with our customers on quarries, mine sites, gas rigs and engineering departments means that Australian Specialised Machinery Glass (ASMG) is the authority when it comes to supplying any type of glass for any type of machine or vehicle and for mobile windscreen replacement in Townsville.
ASMG has the largest Machinery Glass template catalogue you will find and it grows each day. We are able to cut to size flat glass for most makes and models of machinery using our extensive catalogue of templates. Our glaziers are also experts in on-site glass cutting and glazing directly to machinery.
All products comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZS2080: 2006
Our Mission Statement


Outdoor works sites can be hazardous places. Being safe, able to see clearly and concentrate are all vital in these situations.

Over decades of development, specialised glass solutions have been made to cope with just such environments. These go hand in hand with ever more complex machines at work in mining, civils, and other major industries.

Whether it’s flat windscreens or curved cabin structures, glass can fit perfectly into any high-performance machine.

The flexibility of design offered by custom glass allows it to be fitted in a huge range of machines for a multitude of purposes.

The latest custom glass products offer a wide range of protection. For workers in mining operations, cabs resist high impacts from flying stones and debris. Custom glass also forms a sound-proof environment, and protects against excessive pressure from explosions.

Glass products also take away glare and heat from the sun, making working conditions safer. Anti-glare glass benefits a whole range of workers in outdoor industries.

For more about specialised glass and its many uses, get in touch with us at ASMG!