A chip or crack in your vehicle’s window, especially the windscreen, is a real bummer and something you’ll want to deal with right away. 

Here at Machinery Glass, our expert team of technicians can help you determine if you can repair the glass or if it should be replaced. 

Knowing more about the issues that can arise from damage will help you understand why sometimes replacement is the best solution. 

Here are the ins and outs of glass repair or replacement in Townsville. 

When to Repair

It’s nice to find out you can repair the damage to your window because it’s usually less expensive and quicker to take care of. 

Small chips and cracks, generally those less than about 8 centimetres can often be repaired so that you don’t have to get a new window. 

If you notice a small chip or crack anywhere on your window, have it looked at right away. Left alone, it can turn into a larger problem very quickly.

When to Replace

Often, a total replacement is the best course of action when your window is cracked or chipped. If the damage is in the drivers line of sight, which is anywhere the driver’s side wiper reaches, it’s best to replace the glass. 

That’s because even a repair in that area can hinder the sight line while on the road. 

If the damage is near the edges of the glass, it may be compromising the structure of the entire window, even if it’s just a small chip, and in this case, it’s always safer to replace the entire window. 

Damage anywhere near a sensor also indicates the need for a total glass replacement. 

Safety is also a concern as a broken windshield lowers impact safety in case of an accident because it adds to the structural integrity of the area. 

DIY Repair

We always recommend letting one of our professionals look at the window damage and do the repairs. Unless you’re trained in the process, you could be making it worse or not repairing it up to code. 

While you can find many kinds of kits to do the job yourself, the quality of the resin and tools isn’t as good as what the professionals use. 

That could mean further damage or having to end up buying a replacement window. 

Call Machinery Glass for your glass repair or replacement needs in Townsville now! 

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