Heavy machinery, like any other, may break down. Most operators or providers of these types of machines have that covered but there is one area of these machines that isn’t usually taken into account.

That is, the windscreens and other glass components. Heavy duty machinery is normally used in harsh and hazardous conditions. That’s why they are built to be tough, but to be sure of all round protection, you have to consider the type of glass fitted to these machines. 

Cracked, shattered or broken glass may make these machines unsafe to operate. If unattended to, it may affect the ability of the operator to handle the machinery correctly. Also, glass acts as protection for many different reasons. Take that away and you have the potential for unforeseen accidents.

At Australian Specialised Machinery Glass, we have been providing heavy duty glass repair in Townsville for years and would like to tell you why glass repairs for heavy duty machinery is a must.

Heavy Duty Machines 

These working machines come in all shapes and sizes. Some are moving and some are static. They are usually found it hazardous work conditions, such as mines, excavations, gas and oil rigs, construction sites, and heavy industrial manufacturing. What they all have in common is that someone has to operate them. That is where specialised glass comes in. We provide this type of glass repair for heavy industries.

What is it?

Specialised glass is custom made, fit for purpose windscreens, windows, and panels that are made of hi-impact resistant glass that doesn’t break and cause harm. It can be made for any type of heavy duty machinery or even static control booths where there is a high level of risk.


Basically, the glass that we install is protection for the operators so that they can do their work, not only in safety, but in comfort too. It offers protection against excessive noise, cuts down on glare and on heat, but also, because of its extreme toughness, acts as a protective barrier too. So, specialised glass repair is necessary whenever the integrity of protection is compromised.


Repair or replacement of glass can be made on the spot, on site by our mobile units, which cuts down on costly delays when machinery is sitting idle.

Essential Component

If you are operating heavy equipment or are working in a hazardous environment, it makes sense to add as much protection for your workers as possible. Specialised glass in heavy duty machinery has proven its worth time and again.

So, get in touch with us, Australian Specialised Machinery Glass, for glass repairs in Townsville or for more information.