Having your windscreen shatter while driving can be a terrifying experience and it is thought that many inexplicable accidents may have been caused by an alarmed driver reacting poorly to a screen shattering suddenly.

We will talk you through how to handle this situation and where you can get windscreen repair in Townsville.

Keep Calm and Pull Over

Firstly, stay calm as you will likely not be in any danger from the glass itself.

Don’t slam your foot on the brake, just take your foot off the accelerator and then gently brake.

If you can still see out of the screen, pull over and slowly come to a halt.

If your visibility is totally obscured, slow down and use the heel of your hand to push a hole through the glass.

Only then should you safely pull over and you should not drive on any longer unless absolutely necessary.

On the Side Of The Road

You have a few options to explore once you are safely at the side of the road.

The safest and most reliable way is to get the best windscreen repair Townsville has to offer from Machinery Glass.

They are experts in emergency windscreen repair and replacement and can fix your screen at the side of the road.

They come to you for your safety and convenience and they should have your model of windscreen in stock.

If they don’t, it will only take a few days to get your model delivered.

If you have to wait for your windscreen, you have a couple of other options that will get you to your destination.

If You Can't Wait For A Windshield 

You can carefully break out the remaining glass, being mindful not to get glass in the cabin of your vehicle, into the vents or onto the bonnet.

Try and wrap the shards in a piece of cloth such as a blanket and dispose of it later as leaving it by the side of the road could pose a danger to other motorists.

If you don’t have any cloth, a box or plastic bag will do.

Once you have made sure all of the glass has been removed, close all of the windows and wear some kind of eye protection if possible.

The gusting wind will be uncomfortable at first but once you reach a certain speed, the pressure in the car should balance out.

Once at your destination, call Machinery Glass to come and replace your windscreen.

The other option is safer but more expensive and time consuming - calling a tow truck to get you to where you need to go.

If you are in a position to do this, it might be quicker and cheaper to call out the emergency response team at Machinery Glass.

So now you know what to do in the event of a shattered windscreen and where to get the highest quality windscreen repair Townsville motorists can get - Machinery Glass.

Call us on 1300 429 622 for immediate assistance or you can peruse our website, www.machineryglass.net.au at your leisure.