The business of operating heavy duty vehicles and equipment is always more complicated than it seems. There are lots of things to take into consideration. The setting is usually in rural and outback locations, whether mining, agriculture, industry, or construction projects. Some of the greatest problems are harsh and hazardous weather conditions. 

Any large operation is planned to achieve certain goals on a schedule and at certain time. That is fine, but what if the machinery you are using, whether static or mobile, is incapacitated for some reason? One of those reasons may be broken or damaged windscreens, which makes the heavy machinery potentially dangerous to operate for a variety of reasons.

At Australian Specialised Machinery Glass are the solution. We have been repairing windscreens in Townsville for many years. For that reason, we would like to tell you of the dangers of dismissing windscreen repairs.


Any windscreen has to be clear enough to see out of. Cracked, shattered or spider-webbed windscreens don’t serve their purpose and can be potentially dangerous. This is especially true when operating heavy machinery. The driver or operator has to have a clear view of the surroundings where they are working. This is essentially for manoeuvring and spotting hazards. 


Flying debris is also a hazard. Heavy machinery isn’t normally used in clean and safe environments. During mining, excavation, or earth moving projects, debris of all kinds can suddenly become airborne at any time. Toughened machinery glass is a must in these kinds of working environments. Broken or cracked windscreen should be repaired to protect operators/employees. 


Weather is also a constant hazard. Windscreens and other glass panels on the machinery help protect the operator from extreme conditions like high wind, rain, hail, and windblown dust. A damaged windscreen will nullify the effects of air conditioning within the cabin by letting cool air escape. This makes the A/C unit overwork and causes harm. 

Be Prepared

At Australian Specialised Machinery Glass, we have your windscreen repair in Townsville sorted on-site and mobile glass replacement services. Don’t dismiss windscreen damage until it’s too late. To find out more about our services contact us through our message page or give us a ring.