When it comes to windscreens in Townsville, Australian Specialised Machinery Glass is your go-to source. We specialise in windscreens for many kinds of machinery and can help with repairs and replacements.

We can also do emergency windscreen services if they’re needed so your operations suffer as little disruption as possible. Wondering why windscreens for your machinery are so necessary? Keep reading to find out.


One of the biggest jobs your windscreen does is to protect you on the job site. Operating heavy machinery carries a set of risks that you have to be aware of at all times. A broken or missing windscreen increases the chances of a serious injury due to flying rocks and debris and altered sight due to heavy weather.

If a chip, crack, or any breakage occurs, having a new custom fit windscreen restores safety to the machinery. 

Meets Codes

There are codes and regulations in place regarding the safe usage of heavy machinery. Making sure you operate to meet these guidelines keeps you from having to worry about legal action.

One thing you must do is to have a windscreen that you can see out of and that offers the protection you need while you work.

Failing to do so can lead to fines or having to halt a project until the windscreen is replaced. 

Protects the Machinery

Part of the responsibility of a windscreen is to protect the structure and integrity of the piece of machinery. Without a quality windscreen in place, you run the risk of damaging surrounding parts of the item, which can alter performance and get in the way of safety.

Anytime you have a damaged, broken, or missing windscreen, you put the rest of the machinery at risk too, but have it replaced immediately to prevent further problems that can be unsafe and expensive. 

Precise Fit

One of the best reasons to get a customised windscreen is that you get a precise fit. For the ultimate in safety and performance, it’s best to have a windscreen that fits well so that it can protect you from flying debris and the elements while you work.

An improperly sized windscreen won’t be as functional and will likely wear out sooner so a customised version is definitely your best choice. 

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