Glass repair in Townsville is often necessary after tropical cyclones, so people are glad that there are companies like Australian Specialised Machinery Glass around to help. Your goal is to hopefully avoid damage to your glass, and to avoid your broken glass doing damage to other people or animals. Here are a few ways you may prevent glass damage from storms. 

Cover Your Glass

Ideally, when alerted of a tropical cyclone, most homeowners will move their vehicles and machinery undercover. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. 

In the case that you have time to prepare for a cyclone but may not be able to move your machinery undercover, consider some alternatives. 

It sounds silly, but you can cover your tractor window with a duvet, and it will probably survive a storm. You can cover your windows with boards, or you can use storm shutters, and it will go a very long way to preventing glass damage. 

Bricks, flying signs, and falling trees are what are commonly thought to break windows. But, the most common culprit are small pieces of rock and pebbles. They are picked up by the wind and hurled at your glass and windows like small rock-shaped bullets. 

Australian Specialised Machinery Repair is here to help with glass repair needs. Whether you're after vehicle windshield replacement, mobile glass replacement, or custom glazing - we can do it all. 

Glass damage is sometimes inevitable, and if no humans or animals are harmed, then you can chalk it up as a win. If you are looking for good replacement glass solutions and glass repair in Townsville, then get in touch with us here at Australian Specialised Machinery Glass.