When your windscreen gets damaged, the cost of either removing it or having a full windscreen repair in Townsville can hit your wallet hard.

In order to avoid having to replace your windscreen regularly, Machinery Glass would like to offer you some simple advice on maintaining and managing your vehicle's windscreen and other windows.

Why windscreen repair is important

If you drive your car regularly, then you already know that windscreen damage is a serious problem.

Cracks or chips can affect the integrity of the window, leaving you or your passengers more vulnerable if you should have an accident.

The windshield in particular is also important to the structure of the car, and could even cause you to have an accident.

Common damage

There are several different types of damage that can appear on your windshield these include:

  • Crack
This is a line which appears on the windshield. A crack which is under one inch can be easily repaired. Otherwise, Machinery Glass recommend that you replace the entire windshield.

  • Chip
This is a small dent in your windshield, which often appears as a little mark when you are viewing it from the inside. This can occur when pebbles or stones hit the car, for example. It is usually very easy to repair small cracks without needing to replace the windshield.

  • Stars
These are less common type of chip which has cracks radiating out from it. It is very hard to repair these effectively, as the damage is often still visible after the chip is filled in.

  • Bulls-eye
Sometimes seen in the aftermath of your windshield being hit with something heavy, this is a series of cracks in a circular form around a single point of impact. In this type of windshield damage, Machinery Glass recommends a full repair.

Avoiding cracks

Cracks can occur during very cold weather, and it is recommended to turn up your heater gradually in order to prevent thermal shock. 

Avoid direct sunlight to your car, and use ice sprays to prevent ice from forming on the surface of the car.

Clean your windshield regularly

You can protect your windshield by cleaning it regularly. 

This will not only move potential sources of damage, but it can also help you to spot cracks and chips more easily.

Maintain your wipers

Your windscreen wipers travel across your windshield quite regularly, and if they are not well maintained they could scratch your windscreen or cause chips.

Only use the wipers when it is raining, never when it is dry.

Replace damaged windscreens

If you need help with windscreen repair in Townsville, Machinery Glass are here to help.

We can find you a reliable source of high quality car glass so contact us or call 130042962 to now.

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