As elegant and beautiful as glass may be, it is whole other story when it breaks.

As tempting as it may be to attempt to remove broken glass on your own, be forewarned that handling glass is not one of those simplistic DIY feats.

Glass, as we all know, can cut badly so to avoid injury, call the experts in emergency glass repair at Machinery Glass in Townsville.

Call a Professional ASAP

Whether you are at home or the office and a glass pane or fixture happens to break, rather than attempting a DIY job and heading to the hardware store to pick up some glass, you’ll need experts to determine what type of glass was fitted in the first place.

There are so many strengths and thicknesses and purposes of glass these days, that anyone not compliant in glazing will likely have no idea how to replace broken glass. store!

You could waste hours trying to figure out how to fit a new pane that isn’t right for the application.

And of course, there is the obvious risk of accidental breakage without the proper tools and expertise.

Forget about doing a DIY job and call our glass specialists at Machinery Glass.  

Simply put, glass is a very fragile material and our professionals have extensive on-the-job experience replacing and performing emergency glass repairs.

Our know-how and efficiency can spare you the frustration (and self-injury) of having your window or door panes professionally fixed.

Remember: Glass Is dangerous

Everyone has been cut by broken glass at some point and it is no fun. Shattered glass from mirrors and shop windows have been known to inflict very serious injuries.

Dealing with glass with bare hands has also been known to sever hand tendons and nerves, resulting in an emergency trip to the hospital.

Disposing of shattered glass on your own can be just as tricky as attempting to install a window pane by yourself.

Do Not Take Chances

In our homes, businesses, schools and vehicles, we are surrounded by glass components in some form or the other.

When something breaks, and you need emergency glass repair, do your safety a favour and call Machinery Glass to get the job done right.

If you find yourself exposed to shattered glass and requiring emergency glass repair in Townsville, make sure you call Machinery Glass and we will clean up and replace the glass.

To get in contact with us, you can call us on 1300 429 622 or email us.