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Auto Glass Repair

Australian Specialised Machinery Glass specialises in on-site glass replacement in all makes and models.

  • Drill Rigs
  • Draglines
  • Excavators
  • Dozers
  • Graders
  • Cranes
  • Backhoes
  • Forklifts
  • Skid Steers
  • Loaders
  • Exchange Windscreen Assemblies for Liebherr Shovel/Excavator, R9350,R996 B,R9250, R995


We hold extensive information and continuously update our records and template catalogue so that we are able to supply quotes for glass in machines without prior inspection.

Machinery that we are highly familiar with include: Komatsu, Caterpillar, Leibherr, Omega, New Holland, Terex, Bucyrus, Manitou, CASE, Hitachi, Volvo, Atlas Copco, Axera, Marion, Elphinstone, Kawasaki, Le Tourneau, Bobcat, Doosan and the list goes on.

We are innovators in the Glazing industry – we are able to provide glazing solutions for machinery in consultation with manufacturers for all types of applications.


Specialised Glass Solutions

Our Project Management and Special Projects Team are committed to providing safe and innovative Fit-For-Purpose glass products on time and within budget.

Many of our customers are finding they need more than just standard glass in their machines.  Whether it is heat and glare reduction, noise reduction and/or  hi-impact resistance, we are happy to work with our customers to find out what performance factors they require from the glass in their machines to meet their objectives.

ASMG is constantly working on glass improvement in machinery fleets across many sites. We supply a superior impact glass which has been highly successful in reducing machinery down time as well as costs involved with continual replacement.


ASMG is able to engage with Project Managers and Engineers in the planning, design and delivery of Specialised Glazing products to meet our Client’s individual needs.

Our National and International capabilities extend to the Mining, Gas, Oil, Rail, Marine and Manufacturing sectors.

Specialist products include:

MINING                               Hi-Impact, Heat Reducing, Acoustic and Pressure Glass.

OIL AND GAS                     Fire Resistant, Cyclone and High Wind Resistance, Anti-Glare, Heat Reducing Glass.

MARINE                               Hi-Impact, Heat Reducing and Anti-Glare, High Wind Resistance Glass.

RAIL                                       Hi-Impact and Pressure Glass for High Speed Trains.

MANUFACTURING          Crane Cabin Framing, Hi-Impact, Heat Reducing, Wind Resistance, Fire Resistant Glass.

DEFENCE FORCE               Armour Plate Bullet Proof and Ballistic Glass.

ASMG products meet all required Australian and Global Standards.


Project Management Team

Committed to providing safe, innovative Fit-For-Purpose products on time and within Budget.

Committed to providing our Clients with ongoing consultation for the duration of the Project.

Implement systems to reduce levels of risk and are able to sustain the provision of products and service for the duration of the Major Projects.

Special Products Team

In consultation with our Clients, we plan, design and construct products safely and efficiently, providing progress reports throughout the process.

Technical Support Team

Utilisation of emerging technologies to achieve Continuous Improvement and Innovation along with continual collaboration with our Global Manufacturers. The end result is cutting edge, smart products and designs suited to our Clients individual needs on their Major Projects.

For all your Custom glass requirements to meet the needs of your next Major Project, contact our office either via email at or by calling 1300 429 622.


ASMG Introduces New Laminated Polycarb Layered Windscreen

08 September 2009

Australian Specialised Machinery Glass (ASMG) is proud to announce a new addition to its product line. The laminated polycarb layered windscreen is an ideal safety item that should be considered when replacing glass in mining machinery, as it has a safety layer that is designed to lower the risks of cabin penetration by flying objects.

We are currently working on changing our standard 18.8mm multi-layer windscreens that we have fitted to underground Axera drill rigs to this new safer product.

ASMG Introduces their new special product: Fortress Grade 19
01 November 2012.This new generation of glass is suitable for all applications and provides even greater strength, durability, heat absorption and noise suppression. Contact our office for full specifications.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 429 622 or email



You’ll experience Greater Safety and Cabin Comfort thanks to the Revolutionary Fortress Glass Technologies available from Australian Specialised Machinery Glass.

We are proud to bring you “Fortress Glass ® “ which is manufactured to exceed the Australian Safety Standards by 300%. In sizes from 8.25mm up to the massive 25mm Heat Strengthened multiple PVB layered glass, you will enjoy the benefits of higher in-cabin safety thanks for reduced missile impact penetration along with reduced machinery down time as less replacements are needed.

Your machinery operators will be more comfortable thanks to the “special blends” that reduce glare, enhance visibility and reduce cabin temperature. Noise penetration is also reduced.

Heat Reflecting XIR® Sunscreen Glass Blends – Blocks Out Heat, Not The Visibility.

Drawing from NASA’s Space Shuttle Technology, Australian Specialised Machinery Glass can supply heat reflecting product known as XIR® (X-Infra-Red) available in windscreens and flat laminated glass.

This same technology has already been incorporated by many European car manufacturers, such as BMW, Mercedes, Renault and Audi as standard technology with the benefits resulting in higher occupant safety and comfort by increasing the resistance to impact and reflecting 99% UV (ultra violet) and 94% IR (HEAT) whilst maintaining a constant 75% light transmission.

Available in curved or flat sections this glass can be supplied only or supplied and installed to any working machine.


Mobile Windscreen Repair Near You

Are You Looking For Windscreen Repair Near You? We Offer Windscreen and Body Glass Replacements for any car, truck or bus.

  • Insurance and Fleet Claims Welcome
  • Body Glass
  • Wiper Blade Replacement
  • Stone Chip Repairs
  • Nationwide Guarantee

You may not realise that Australian Specialised Machinery Glass also carry a wide range of stock of the most popular types of windscreens for Trucks, light commercials and passenger vehicles.

Servicing all surrounding mine sites, contractors as well as our local community for their insurance and fleet requirements.

It’s most likely that we can replace your windscreen on the same day of your enquiry.

If we don’t have it in stock, we can usually obtain your glass within 1-3 working days.

Call our friendly team to see how we can assist you. PH: 1300 429 622 or email